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ヨガは 運動のようで運動ではないの知ってますか?

True Yoga Teacher

A yoga teacher does not stop to prove theories, nor argue with the class. A true teacher teaches with the authority of personal experience. This authority, in turn, is based on guidance received from his/her own teacher and from the scriptures. The teacher knows that much of the teaching is but the planting of seeds. For every idea the student understands, there will be a hundead that will come into conscious mind only when the time is ready, when sufficient purify, strength and clarity of mind have been achieved.

The aim of all yoga practice is to achieve truth, wherein the individual soul identities itself with the Supreme Spirit, or God. Beyond the ever-changing consciousness of mind and intellect, there is a changeless, formless Spirit which is unaffected by anything, and which is veiled in the individual according to his/her stage of evolution.

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