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Existence of Vrttis


Om Shiva Yoga Centre at Horse City Studio

Finally I have reached to this moment (Teaching) in my life.

I have been looking for so long to find out who I am and not sure how to find it out in my life.    Looked back in my life,  I was around 10 years old, I was feeling something about what is human being.  The event of my grandfather death made me think and gave me inquires where human goes after death.  Our physical body (Sthula-sarira) will disappear and then where our thoughts/memories/ideas/ego(sukshma-sarira) go?  What is the reason human are here in the earth?

These are a big question to me for a long time.  I didn’t expect to happen to meet this teaching through the Yoga Asana Practice in Singapore.  My yoga asana teacher in Singapore, Asokan Perumal at Om Shiva Yoga Centre.   He is a great Yoga teacher although not talkative and doesn’t let the students rise questions in the class.  One hour Yoga asana practice is focusing for asana only like same as praying.  He offers a praying to his small temple in the morning before class starts.  He follows spiritual practice very much although the form of praying is pretty simple.   Asokan gave me a simple question “who you are?”  Aha! this is the same question I am having!  He knew that what I am looking for in my life and I entered Yoga journey in December 2012 at Om Shiva Yoga in Singapore.

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