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Life with AP

The house in CHIP BEE Garden has three bed rooms and one bathroom, backyard.

Start staying in 45 Jalan Rumia Singapore in 2015 and until 2020.
The rental is SDG1,400 including utilities, free yoga lesson every day if you like to.
The owner is Asokan and his wife Juliana.
They stay in one of the room in the house from Monday to Friday. His wife stay in AMK parents home from Friday night until Sunday night.
Juliana is Yoga teacher so both Asokan and Juliana run this yoga studio together.
They have two kids.
Asokan believes in spiritual world very much.
He has a temple in the house and do pray every morning before yoga class 5am or 6am depends on the number of students attendance.
Personally I like to practice in the early morning.
Before I moved to 45 Jalan Rumia, I was staying in 23 Jalan Kunin for a few years with a owner Japanese lady.  She likes to cook and has a daughter. They are very nice people.
One day she told me she has a plan to terminate the lease contract with this house. I started look into another house to stay in Chip Bee Garden. Then Asokan offered one of the room in 45 Jalan Rumia.


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